Get people to share your content with their friends and followers for a token.

Reach Millions on Twitter Using Hundreds of Real Tweeps.

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Create Conversations

When hundreds of real people jump on your Twitter campaign, it transforms from just another Twitter campaign to a Conversation.

Reach Millions of Tweeps

Get hundreds of people to Tweet your content and reach thousands of people who follow them.

No Irrelevant Tweets

Our platform ensures that influencers tweet ONLY content that you upload and approve. No more irrelevant content.

Monitor UNIQUE Visitors

You can track the number of unique visitors that visit your site daily during your campaign.


Your personalized dashboard allows you to monitor unique clicks, number of daily tweets, keep up with the progress of your campaign and evaluate your spend analysis.

You can also see the number of people subscribed to your campaign, set delivery dates and more cool features.

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You don’t have to send multiple messages to all your influencers, just upload as many tweets as you want and it will automatically appear on the dashboard of influencers who subscribe to your campaign for them to share.

Amazing right!!?

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Register by filling the required details.

Create Campaign

Set campaign parameters, upload content and make payment.

Launch Campaign

Start your campaign and watch people subscribe and Tweet your content on their timelines.

Multiple Campaigns

Manage multiple campaigns all from your dashboard.

Monitor Performance

See how people subscribed to your campaign(s) are performing on a daily basis.

Pay a Token

Pay as little as N30 per Tweet for people who have 5,000 followers or more.

Simple Payout

Purchase a bundle easily & securely through PayStack

Alternative payment method also available

Pay Once

Pay once while 54artistry handles payment to all the Tweeps for your campaigns.

Comprehensive Report

We will send you a report at the end of your campaign containing impressions, breakdown, CTR and more

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You can request case studies of some the Twitter campaigns we have executed.